Who We Have Helped

Poverty porn is a tactic used by  nonprofits and charity organizations to gain empathy and contributions from donors by showing exploitative imagery of people living in destitute conditions. These types of photos just objectify the suffering of those very individuals they attempt to help. We have chosen to not post photos of the students we have helped, but rather the schools these students attend. We will use the words of students and staff to inspire others to join us as advocates

“We worry about our students. We worry if they are warm enough. We worry about when is the last time they ate. We worry about their mental health. We worry about their future. Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about them missing school because they don’t have any period supplies! “

Crazy Horse School, Wanblee

Wounded Knee
Wounded Knee School, Manderson


American Horse School, Allen

“Every single girl who attends here needs help with products. Every single one. It is so nice that someone is thinking of our girls and has chosen to help them. Thank you!”Loneman 

Loneman School, Oglala
Little Wound Hgh School“I can’t believe that anyone would want to help our students like this, let along come and deliver them personally!  We are grateful for your thoughtfulness!”


Little Wound School, Kyle

“There are a set of girls we always keep our eye on as they skip classes monthly. Since your kindness, these girls have shown up everyday for class!  Thank you!”

Porcupine School, Porcupine