Over 80,000 Products Have Been Distributed
To End Period Poverty

The Project

The Hard Truth

Project: Distributing Dignity aims to end Period Poverty on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Due to our generous donors, we have distributed 80,000 products to 750 students at five schools, supplying them with enough products to get them through the school year.  But, we have much more to do. Our mission is to provide every student on the Reservation with period products and underwear for the entire school year


Temperatures that drop down to -30 in the Winter. Homes that do not have electricity and walls that are paper-thin. Oftentimes, 3 generations of families live in a 2-bedroom house. With these challenges, it is hard to be a young student on the Pine Ridge Reservation. With few jobs and not a lot of opportunities or hope, staying in school is difficult.  When that time of the month comes, it is easier to just stay home when you don’t have any products to help. These students fall behind in school and drop out. Here at Project: Distributing Dignity, we want to empower students to stay in school so that they have a better chance of graduating and pursuing their dreams.


A period should not be a barrier to a student's education