Project: Distributing Dignity

Exciting News!

Project Distributing Dignity has recently been featured in an article in Rocky Mountain PBS!

Project: Distributing Dignity was created with the ultimate goal of creating a sense of community between students on and off the reservation.  As of 2021, all our Board Members are now in college. Through volunteer work for the Pine Ridge Reservation, we have come to understand the severity of the needs of a people forgotten by our government and by humanity.  On the Reservation, the median income is approx. $2600 to $3500 per year. Many families simply cannot afford wood or propane to heat their homes.  With an unemployment rate of 80% and an average of 17 people living in each family home, life on the reservation is harsh and hopeless.  Children go hungry.

Families already must make the difficult decision of whether to buy food or to provide heat. Often, there is no money for menstrual hygiene products. Students will have to miss school when they are on their period and missing a week per month takes a toll on their education. Those students often fall so far behind that they have no choice but to drop out. Graduation rates on the reservation are already low, and these students are missing school because of something they have no control over.

-A Period Should Never Be a Barrier to an Education-